Big Country Kitchen Ft. Ricky Cobia - Raspberry Jam Syrup x Desert Door Oak Age Sotol Cocktail

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Have you ever heard of sotol? It's an up-and-coming Mexican spirit made from a type of shrub, Dasylirion wheeleri, more commonly called desert spoon. Unlike tequila and mezcal, Sotol is crafted from agave.

How does it taste? It is typically described as being bright and grassy. It can have musky, earthy or vegetal characteristics. It’s not fruity, but instead has a pine-like quality.

Big Country Kitchen's host, Ricky Cobia, had a blast in the kitchen using Desert Door Sotol, raspberries and Big Country Organic Cane Sugar to create a DELICIOUS cocktail. He wasn't named "Austin's top 5 bartenders" for nothin'!

To watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this cocktail, check out our YouTube video here. 

Bartender Ricky Cobia making a craft cocktail

Pouring raspberries into a sauce pan on the stove

chef pouring sugar into a saucepan of raspberries

chef straining pureed raspberries

bartender pouring desert door sotol into a shot glass

raspberry jam syrup being poured into a shot glass

bartender pouring raspberry cocktail into cocktail glass

Raspberry Jam Syrup w/ Desert Door Oak Age Sotol Cocktail


Raspberry Jam:

-1 cup of fresh raspberries

-1/4 cup of water

-1/2 cup of Big Country Organic Sugar


-2oz Oak Age Desert Door Sotol

-1.5oz fresh grapefruit juice

-.5oz fresh lime juice

-.5oz raspberry jam

-3 dashes Angostura bitters


Raspberry Jam:

1. Turn burner to medium heat

2. In a sauce pan, add the raspberries in dry (no water) and let them reduce

3. Gradually fold them until they begin to sweat and come to a boil

4. Once they begin to boil, add the sugar & water

5. When you see the foam begin to build, turn heat off, add to blender, blend & strain

Build the Cocktail:

-In the small side of your shaker add the ice

-In the tall, dry side begin to add all of your ingredients 

-Double strain into glass of your choice


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