The Best Meal Items that Use Sugar (sauces, glazes, marinades, etc.)

Organic cane sugar options laid out from Big Country Foods
Finding new recipes and ingredients to improve your weekly menu will help keep things fresh and exciting in your kitchen. With Big Country’s organic cane sugar options, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best meal items that use sugar to help you create delicious, healthy recipes.

Why Organic Sugar Matters

Homemade sauces, glazes, or marinades are key to any delicious meal. It all starts with quality ingredients, however. Many recipes include sugar, but cooking with sugar isn’t necessarily a bad thing – especially when you use Big Country Foods’ organic sugar. Our sugar is refined at the lowest level to retain its natural mineral and vitamin content (including 17 amino acids, 11 minerals, and 6 vitamins), turning the sugar into a much healthier ingredient for consumption. 

At Big Country, our organic sugar is made from 100% certified organic sugarcane crop. The cane is harvested, cut by farmers, and taken to the mill where the juice is extracted and crystallized. Since it is far less processed than traditional sugars, it retains its natural flavor and blonde color. Additionally, our organic sugar is processed without the use of bone char, making the product 100% vegan. When making your meals with Big Country organic sugar, you can rest assured that they are healthy and whole for your family or guests. We have a range of organic sugar options to choose from, and they all contain more vitamins and health benefits than refined sugar.

To spark some healthy and delicious meal inspiration this year, we’ve found some of the best meal items and recipes that use sugar. You can replace the sugar in these recipes with Big Country Foods Organic Sugar Cane, Organic Light Brown Sugar, Organic Dark Brown Sugar, or Organic Powdered Sugar to make your meals even better!

1. Honey-Glazed Ham

Honey-glazed ham is perfect around the holidays or simply during the cozy winter months. Use this recipe to make the most delicious glaze yet. Hint: You can use it on other meats besides ham.

2. Chicken Marinade

This chicken marinade recipe is perfect for any weeknight meal. Simply toss these ingredients together and put the chicken on the grill for a delicious entrée.

3. Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce

Pair this homemade sweet chili sauce recipe with its accompanying shrimp recipe for a complete dish. With or without shrimp, this sweet ‘n’ spicy sauce will season up any meat entrée.

4. Homemade Marinara Sauce

Is there anything more comfort-food worthy than homemade marinara sauce? This recipe will take your pasta dishes to another level. While simple, this made-from-scratch recipe lets all the flavors and spices shine for themselves.

5. Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce is always a good bet for chicken or rice dishes. This homemade teriyaki sauce will elevate your dish. Warning: Once you make it, you’ll get asked to bring it to any potluck or party.

6. Simple BBQ Sauce

Everyone needs to keep a BBQ sauce recipe in their back pocket. This simple BBQ sauce has a 5-star rating out of over 2,000 reviews! It will enhance any meat dish you make throughout the year.

7. White BBQ Sauce

This white BBQ sauce (also called Alabama white sauce) gives you an alternative to traditional BBQ sauce that will still retain that sweet, tangy flavor you know and love.

8. Basic Powdered Sugar Glaze

This basic powdered sugar glaze is perfect for any desserts you’re planning on baking in the new year. Simply drizzle this sauce over a pastry or baked good and enjoy! Tip: You can add different flavorings like lemon or orange zest to make it your own. This recipe will simply give you a base.

Enjoy Your Meals with Big Country

Organic dark brown sugar from Big Country next to bbq chicken wings

No matter what meals you cook with sugar, these recipes will help you become the favorite family cook. Homemade sauces and glazes made with organic sugar will make every recipe much healthier and more flavorful. Remember, cooking with sugar doesn’t have to be unhealthy and using organic sugar doesn’t need to taste less sweet; simply use Big Country Foods’ organic cane sugar options.

Be sure to check out Big Country Foods for more information on our organic sugar and other healthy products.

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