Big Country Hard Seltzer Joins the Big Country Foods Organic Family

Austin, TX (October 26, 2020) - Big Country FoodsTM ( is pleased to announce the addition of Big CountryTM Hard Seltzer ( to its lineup of Certified Organic products. Big CountryTM Hard Seltzer (BCHS) will be based out of Austin, Texas, and will also be Texas’s first USDA Certified Organic Hard Seltzer. Following the Big CountryTM commitment towards environmental responsibility, BCHS will also be certified with Non-GMO Project and Fair Trade USA. Made with USDA Certified Organic Big CountryTM Cane Sugar and organic flavors, BCHS prides itself on simple, quality and delicious ingredients.

Founder and CEO, Bill Gillies, started Big Country FoodsTM as a supplier of organic ingredients over six years ago. Big Country began as a wholesale supplier and just recently launched in the retail space with five SKUs of organic ingredients that can be found in retailers nationwide. Gillies wanted to continue his vision by providing consumers an organic hard seltzer with certifications that mean something.

“Our approach to our dry goods line has been to produce high quality, artisanal ingredients that are pure and minimally processed. Our ingredients are all organic, non-gmo, and Fair Trade certified. With our hard seltzer, we have taken this approach a step further by incorporating our Big CountryTM Organic Cane Sugar into the fermentation process and producing a truly unique flavor profile,” says Gillies. “The product is absolutely delicious. It has a crisp, clean flavor with the perfect amount of sweet and tart. The balance of these flavors is extraordinary, and we can’t wait for consumers to try for themselves.”

Gillies has hired seasoned industry professionals to guide Big Country Hard Seltzer to success. Ramon Astamendi has been brewing beer for nearly 25 years, has helped launch three successful breweries, and has been a part of many more. In between various start-ups, he has assisted more than 35 breweries with planning, facility layout, equipment selection, recipe development, and daily operations. He has used his impressive experience to brew the cleanest USDA Certified Organic hard seltzer on the market.

Ricky Cobia, well-known in the Austin area for his mixology work, has used his background to create unique and delicious flavors for BCHS. For the last 6 years, Ricky has been awarded for his success running beverage programs. For the last two years, he has directed Austin’s top speakeasy, Watertrade, where he was nominated as Bartender of the Year twice, as well as being named one of Bombay Saphire’s Top 100 Bartenders in the World.

Stephanie Meyer, National Sales Director for Big Country FoodsTM, will be spearheading sales and marketing for BCHS. With more than 20 years of experience in hospitality and Adult Beverage, Meyer brings a keen eye to consumer programming and successful go-to-market strategies. Meyer’s experience includes Victory Brewing, SanTan Brewing and most recently she held Director of Chain Accounts for Lakewood Brewing Company where she led a 17% turn around in chain business.

Big CountryTM will launch into retail in 2021 with a variety 12-pack consisting of Strawberry Tangerine, Honeydew Yuzu, Coconut Papaya and Black Raspberry Grapefruit. Big CountryTM organic hard seltzer is perfect for today’s health conscious consumer, with each can only 90 calories, 0g sugar, 1g carbs, and 4.5% ABV.  In addition, by purchasing Big CountryTM organic hard seltzer our consumers are giving back through the Fair Trade USA® program, which supports safe working conditions for farmers, protects the environment, builds sustainable livelihoods, and allows farmers to earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities.

About Big Country Foods

In 2013, Big Country FoodsTM (@bigcountryfood) was founded as an Organic Cane Sugar supplier with one mission: simple ingredients as originally intended. Building upon tradition and incorporating modern technology, Big Country Foods continues to evolve to meet and exceed the expectations of consumers ever-changing needs. Explore the mill at

About Big Country Hard Seltzer

In 2020, Big Country FoodsTM welcomed Big CountryTM Hard Seltzer (@bigcountryhardseltzer) to their organic family of products. Big CountryTM Hard Seltzer is Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project, Fair Trade USA and Go Texan. BCHS hard seltzer is thoughtfully crafted by their skilled brewmaster and artisan mixologist, who have used their combined 25 years of experience to create the most delicious and unique flavors on the market. Learn more at

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