Big Country Hard Seltzer Signs with Ben E. Keith Beverages

Austin, TX (December 2, 2020) - Big Country Hard SeltzerTM ( is pleased to announce that they have reached a partnership agreement with Ben E. Keith Beverages to distribute their line of Certified Organic Hard Seltzers. 

Big CountryTM Hard Seltzer (BCHS) will be based out of Austin, Texas, and will also be Texas’s first USDA Certified Organic Hard Seltzer, and the first Fair Trade USA certified Hard Seltzer in North America.  Following the Big CountryTM commitment towards environmental responsibility, BCHS will also be certified with Non-GMO Project and Fair Trade USA. Made with USDA Certified Organic Big CountryTM Cane Sugar and organic flavors, BCHS prides itself on simple, quality and delicious ingredients.

Founder and CEO, Bill Gillies, started Big Country FoodsTM as a supplier of organic ingredients over six years ago. Big Country began as a wholesale supplier and just recently launched in the retail space with five SKUs of organic ingredients that can be found in retailers nationwide. Gillies wanted to continue his vision by manufacturing an organic hard seltzer using Big CountryTM Organic Cane Sugar. Brewed in Austin, Texas, the company’s goal was to establish a distribution network throughout the state.

“We approached Ben E. Keith because of their great reputation and huge reach throughout Texas. Upon meeting with them, we were thoroughly impressed by their team and their commitment to bring our product to market.” says Gillies. “We are looking forward to our January launch with our new partners.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Big Country Hard Seltzer in our statewide footprint, this addition will be a great value to the Ben E. Keith portfolio.  Big Country has done a fantastic job of creating a high-quality USDA Organic seltzer to compete in one of the fasted growing alcohol beverage categories.  We are eager to bring such a great product to retailers and consumers in the coming weeks and beyond.” 

Stephanie Meyer, National Sales Director for Big Country Foods, will be leading sales and marketing efforts and working directly with Ben E. Keith to take Big Country Hard Seltzer to market. 

Ricky Cobia, award winning Beverage Director for Big Country Foods, has developed the unique and forward-thinking flavors while Ramon Astamendi, award winning Head Brewer for Big Country Hard Seltzer, has developed the perfect clean base for Ricky to build upon. 

Big CountryTM will launch into retail in 2021 with a variety 12-pack consisting of Strawberry Tangerine, Honeydew Yuzu, Coconut Papaya and Black Raspberry Grapefruit. Big CountryTM organic hard seltzer is perfect for today’s health conscious consumer, with each can only 90 calories, 0g sugar, 1g carbs, and 4.5% ABV.  In addition, by purchasing Big CountryTM organic hard seltzer our consumers are giving back through the Fair Trade USA® program, which supports safe working conditions for farmers, protects the environment, builds sustainable livelihoods, and allows farmers to earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities. 

About Big Country Hard Seltzer

In 2020, Big Country FoodsTM welcomed Big CountryTM Hard Seltzer (@bigcountryhardseltzer) to their organic family of products. Big CountryTM Hard Seltzer is Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project, Fair Trade USA and Go Texan. BCHS hard seltzer is thoughtfully crafted by their skilled brewmaster and artisan mixologist, who have used their combined 25 years of experience to create the most delicious and unique flavors on the market.

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