Big Country Sponsors Dallas’ Chefs For Farmers Festival

Big Country Foods and Chefs for Farmers logos

Dallas, TX (September 21, 2021) - Big Country Foods® is pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring Chefs For Farmers culinary festival from November 5-7th. The festival takes place at various venues around Dallas, from local restaurants and farms to the main events at AT&T Discovery District and Dallas Heritage Village.

The Chefs For Farmers annual festival is a fun and social way for the people of Texas to connect with their local chefs, farmers, and brewers. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to sample Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer as well as Big Country Sparklin’ Cocktails, which are both certified Go-Texan and USDA Organic. One of the festival’s Featured Chefs will also be creating small bites using Big Country Organic Ingredients, which attendees can sample at the Big Country activation during Sunday’s Event. 

“We are beyond excited to have Big Country Foods as a sponsor for this year’s Chefs For Farmers event. This is the perfect alignment for Chefs For Farmers because the quality of their organic ingredients is unmatched and are harvested by farmers who are devoted to their land and sustainability," says Iris McCallister, Founder and Producer of Chefs For Farmers. "Our team loves the Big Country Organic Hard Seltzers and their Sparklin’ Cocktails that they just came out with. Some of my favorites include their coconut flavor and I absolutely love their organic cane sugar. We are thrilled to partner with Big Country on our Tenth Anniversary of Chefs For Farmers!”

“Big Country is a start-up in the state of Texas, but we hope to introduce ourselves to the people of Dallas with quality ingredients and great products,” says Bill Gillies, Founder and CEO of Big Country Foods. “Big Country’s mission of knowing where their ingredients are coming from as well as creating sustainable and delicious products aligns perfectly with Chefs For Farmers’ goals. We are thrilled to partner with Chefs For Farmers and connect with the Dallas community to showcase what we have to offer.”

About Big Country Foods

In 2013, Big Country Foods was founded as an Organic Cane Sugar supplier with one mission: simple ingredients as originally intended. They partner with small farms and mills, sourcing the finest single source organic ingredients that are produced ethically, safeguarding human wellbeing and natural environments. When customers see the Big Country cliff swallow on their line of Organic Ingredients, Organic Hard Seltzer and Organic Sparklin’ Cocktails, they should feel confident that these products are not only made responsibly but are 100% delicious. Learn more at

About Chefs for Farmers

Chefs For Farmers Food & Wine Festival is an annual, three-day food and wine festival in Dallas, TX that grew from an intimate farm-to-table dinner in 2010. Chefs For Farmers goal is to showcase the dynamic talents of Dallas chefs, artisans and farmers who make exceptional, seasonal and sustainable food possible. Chefs For Farmers celebrates Dallas as an established food city through a handful of exquisite and mouth-watering experiences that highlights local dishes the city has to offer. As good food citizens of the world, we balance our dedication to sustainability, eco-consciousness, and charity with our greatest goal: putting on the best food festival Dallas has ever seen. Learn more at

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