Do512 x Big Country Sparklin' Cocktails GIVEAWAY

Big Country Sparklin Cocktails logo next to text that reads The Best Picnic Spots in Austin

To celebrate the return to manageable fall temperatures, let us suggest a classic, old fashioned picnic. It's safe, easy, and puts you in touch with that cottagecore lifestyle you've always dreamed of. With such a bounty of grassy parks and picturesque spots in this city, Austin invites us to get outside and dine al fresco. So make a plan to pack up some food, grab your cute picnic blanket, and head out to one of these Best Picnic Spots in Austin, brought to you by the new Big Country Sparklin' Cocktails.

picnic blanket sitting next to a yeti cooler and two cartons of big country sparklin cocktails

But first! A proper picnic needs the right beverages and a YETI tote, don't you think? Enter the Big Country Sparklin' Cocktails x Do512 giveaway here to get set up right.

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